Boyd LeJeune

Coach LeJeune brings a wealth of developmental exp...
Boyd LeJeune
Membership Type Recruiter
Member Capacity Coach
Position HCoach
Level College Men
State Louisiana
Date Joined 2016-04-28 17:45:46
Last Login : 2017-11-08 01:59:32
Born on: July, 20 ,1972 (47 Years old)
City Alexandria, LA
Gender Male
Bio Coach LeJeune brings a wealth of developmental expertise from the fields of education, business, and athletics. As a player and coach for over 20 years, he has promoted a philosophy that is centered around the student-athlete and their development both on and off the field. Coach LeJeune helped guide the 1st year LSUA program to a 9-1 regular season record, 2 tournament championships and a playoff birth. Among the victories were 6 Div I programs, including the national ranked University of Alabama. Previously, He led the UL Ragin Cajuns to a 79-22 record with 6 conference championships. During his tenure the club experienced multiple playoff berths, a national title run in 2010, and numerous select-side player nominations. This was accomplished by maintaining a strong, positive and encouraging environment for players to perform. “Their input is paramount in developing our creed and mission statements, our beliefs and our Team Way. This approach allows us to grow together, striving each day to be better. To do this I acknowledge, as their Coach, that I am only one piece to this system. For us to succeed it will take all parts working in harmony to build a successful program.” “With decision making abilities comes accountability, clarity, and competence. We will have a program that is proactive and looking to achieve our goal of “Better Everyday”. That Goal is not just athletic, it must transcend their scholastic and personal lives as well. We will approach each practice week and game with measurable goals to achieve and map out how we can get that done. We will also need to look forward and plan goals for the future, what will our legacy look like, what do we want it to look like and how can we make it happen for the program and the individual? My philosophy and approach is not only focused on athletics, but also as an adult. I have experienced how this game is capable of developing positive characteristics in a young person within in right culture. I believe that leaders can be forged in this program, people willing to face adversity and power through no matter what. Relationships are formed that follow the athlete through out their life, but only if the culture promotes these outcomes. Our culture will resemble a family. A cohesive group that will support each other and help each other improve. We will push each other to be the best and help guide those that may have a misstep here or there. This culture will also help those different or far from home feel they belong. We will become a learning and competence factory. The raw materials are new recruits, equipment, tactics, plays. The product is a well versed, skilled student-athlete who can also influence and train people within the program, as well as others.” I welcome any questions or feedback regarding our program, please feel free to contact me at And keep updated with our campaign through our website: or using Facebook at: I look forward to discussing the opportunities of becoming a Student-Athlete at LSUA.
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